About 13 years ago, live music made it’s way back into my busted heart. On Thursday nights, I found myself with some kid-free time and I encountered many lifelong friends having dinner and enjoying live music at Bandito Southside and afterward, a 5ive O’Clock Charlie show every Thursday at The Sports Page. Those 5OCC shows that started at 9:00 or after, ended up being some very special, heart-warming, boot-scootin, tear-jerkin and loud-hootin, laughter-filled moments. (When you’re around Mike Roberts, sometimes words just appear out of nowhere - you’ll learn a whole new vernacular. IYKYK.)  5OCC is easily one of my top favorite local bands. Those guys are just stupid talented! Such raw upbeat energy and when Mike felt the need to lead the band to play a ballad, you could hear a pin-drop and a bloop - there’s that tear in my beer.   I remember the first time Mike played “Shake It” to a late-late night crowd of friends. It had been a tender time of struggle and loss of several friends just prior. Some songs find their way to us through inner turmoil and “Shake It” was definitely one of those that was born through the desperate cry of a friend to a friend with gut-punching honesty and a plea to get help. The song commands a stand-still four minutes to show respect for the soul’s allegiance. I had to capture it and it’s uploaded on a personal YouTube channel. The live versions always give you a window into more of that passion.  So this album release party was a packed house of truly incredible good energy. People were excited for “our” 5ive O’Clock Charlie to release this long-awaited full-length record! It is absolutely stellar! Produced and recorded by Jeremy Stephens at Clearwave Recording Studio for his 10 Ton Records in Decatur. You can tell Mike put extra time into these songs, the writing is fresh and authentic.

~Judy Spiva Allison