Fronted by world-class singer/guitarist Mike Roberts, 5ive O’Clock Charlie’s music draws from classic-rock, roots music and hippie jams. Soul singing, hot picking and river rhythms. The band’s name is a reference to classic TV show “M*A*S*H.” “5OCC are the OGs,” says Joel Monet, event manager at Huntsville rock venue Shagnasty’s, using a locally common abbreviation for 5ive O’Clock Charlie. “Those dudes have gigged hard and churned out consistent material for about as long as I’ve been alive.” 5OCC tunes to know include recent hoedown “No Plan” and vintage groover “Just Goes To Show.” Roberts and co. are prepping a new studio release cut with Decatur studio wiz Jeremy Stephens, who’s worked with the likes of Jason Isbell and Alabama Shakes.” - Matt Wake

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